Biography, Teaching and Painting Holidays

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 Stewart Ganley 2014 

After studying painting in Hammersmith College from 1968-1973, most of my life has been devoted to creative art in one form or another. Directly through my own work and group exhibitions or through illustrating, demonstrating and teaching.

  • In 1974-1982 I worked as a medical illustrator at a London teaching hospital. During this time I had work published in various medical journals and text books.
  • I have demonstrated for Caran D'ache and Lyra and taken part in various workshops at art societies around the country.
  • In 1986 I did an artist in residence at the Royal London Hospital for a year.
  • In 1994 I started teaching painting in adult education for C.E.T.S. in Croydon. And since 2001 Dulwich Picture Gallery.
  • Since 2003 I have organized painting holidays in France,
  • I continue to exhibit in group shows, mainly in London.

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